Hello Gateway K-8 families!

We have managed to become a Spalding accredited school in just over one year of being open. This is quite an accomplishment! We are one of 17 schools worldwide who have gone the extra mile to become Spalding accredited. This means our scholars are receiving the benefit of fully trained and certified teachers who teach the curriculum with fidelity. This is comforting to parents and teachers alike. Here is what it takes to achieve accreditation:

  • All K-5 teachers Spalding trained (full 45 hour course)
  • 1 Spalding Certified Teacher at each grade level, which requires 6 observations from Spalding to ensure fidelity and proficiency (Tracy Whittaker, Jackie Alexander, Emily Boxley, Leslie Abney, Melissa Pavlicek, Liz Ryan, Sarah Williams)
  • 1 Spalding Certified Instructor on campus, which requires many observations and student teaching to teach the course (we have 4: Shalisa Arnold, Rosalyn Pieczynski, Tracy Whittaker, Jackie Alexander)
  • Commitment to further training in the second level of Spalding– we will host a class from January to May to get our teachers trained in the second course
  • Annual accreditation audit
*With accreditation, not only do we get bragging rights and the comfort of knowing our scholars are being taught at a high level, we save 25% on all supplies through Spalding (the savings cover the cost of the accreditation fees, so that is great!).
See below for the list of accredited schools thus far. We have not been added just yet.
I’m so proud of our teachers for jumping on board and supporting this endeavor!


Kind Regards,
Shalisa Arnold