Subject Area Goals:
  • To instill into the minds and hearts of the scholars knowledge and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation.
  • Scholars will also prepare to be ready to provide selfless service to their country to assist in restoring America’s greatness.
  • Scholars must complete 3 years of history. Scholars must complete American History, World History, American Government/U.S. Constitution & Economics.
Honors Distinction

Scholars must complete the following requirements by April of their senior year.

  • Maintain 3.5 average GPA in History courses throughout high school
  • Read 5 works from the Heritage history reading list. 
  • Meet with a teacher in the history department to discuss each book.
  • Be able to discuss the thesis and general summary of the book,
  • Create a practical contribution to historical knowledge. Example: Project, or research essay. 
    • Interview an elderly member of the community for oral history
    • Transcribe documents for the Library of Congress or the National Archives as part of one of their crowdsourcing projects
    • Transcribe documents for the San Tan Historical Society
    • Volunteer with the San Tan Historical Society to maintain a local historical site, such as the Queen Creek Stagecoach Stop
    • Make a “scholarly edition” of a primary source document. For example, scholars could type up a letter from their grandparents and add commentary.
    • Volunteering to digitize and scan historical documents
    • Volunteering at one of the local museums
    • Prepare a mini-exhibit of artifacts to display at the school, such as a grandparent’s war medals
    • Short journal style article on topic of choice. Use primary and secondary sources to create a thesis that enhances the field of study.