While teaching the academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation.

See the course catalog for Heritage Academy Gateway campus.  CLICK HERE FOR THE 2022-2023 CATALOG

Grades and Credits

All courses taught for credit receive a letter grade or a pass/fail option. Grade point and the percentage used are listed below.

Please note, students earning a letter grade of a “D” in an academic course will not received credit in that class (D is not considered passing), but will be issued a general elective credit instead.

Percentage Letter Grade Grade Quality
Point Value
97 & Above A+ 4.33
93 – 96 A 4.00
90 – 92 A- 3.67
87 – 89 B+ 3.33
83 – 86 B 3.00
80 – 82 B- 2.67
77 – 79 C+ 2.33
73 – 76 C 2.00
70 – 72 C- 1.67
67 – 69 D+ 1.33
63 – 66 D 1.00
60 – 62 D- .67

6th Grade Education Program

Heritage Academy Course Requirements for 6th Grade

 6th Grade History
 6th Grade English
 6th Grade Math
 6th Grade Science
 1 Semester of PE (Fitness, Kenpo, Dance, or Athletics)

7th and 8th Grade Education Program

Junior High courses at Heritage Academy are designed to assist the scholars in meeting and exceeding the basic requirements in English, History, Math and Science before progressing on to the high school curriculum. We encourage all of our scholars to strive for excellence, so that the foundation that is laid in junior high becomes a stepping stone to further success. In order to assist our scholars in this pursuit, we offer classes in classical languages, reading, and writing to supplement the basic course work.Click Here to see Class times.

Heritage Academy Course Requirements for 7th Grade

  • 7th Grade History
  • 7th Grade English
  • Math (General Math or Pre-Algebra usually)
  • 7th Grade Science
  • Classical Languages I
  • 1Year of Music (Choir, Band, or Orchestra)
  • At least 1 semester of PE (Fitness, Kenpo, Dance, or Athletics)
  • Other elective choices may fill in the remaining classes

 Heritage Academy Course Requirements for 8th Grade

  • 8th Grade History
  • 8th Grade English
  • Math (Pre-Algebra or Algebra I usually)
  • 8th Grade Science
  • Classical Languages II (or Classical Languages I if not taken yet)
  • At least 1 semester of Fine Arts (Music, Art or Drama). Choir and Instrumental classes are year-long.
  • At least 1 semester of PE (Fitness, Kenpo, Dance, or Athletics)
  • Keyboarding (if not previously taken)
  • Other elective choices may fill in the remaining classes

Classical Languages

Latin I:   All junior high scholars will be enrolled in a Latin course in which they will be introduced to the great classical language of Latin. Scholars will learn why so much emphasis was placed on this language by the Founding Fathers. They will learn how Latin can improve their knowledge of English, improve SAT scores, and act as a springboard into the learning of other Foreign Languages (especially French and Spanish), Math, Science, Medicine, Literature and many other subjects. Scholars will learn the alphabet, vocabulary, roots and other components of this language. This course will prepare scholars to read, write and understand this great language.

Latin II: A brief review of Latin I and then second year skills such as translating stories, poems and passages will be added.


Each student is placed in a math class based on the score of their entrance placement exam.  On the first day of class, another assessment is given to help determine if the placement is the right place for the student.  If a change is recommended, scholars and parents are contacted and schedules are changed.  We do our best to place the scholars in the math class that is most appropriate to their individual skill level.  If parents or scholars feel the placement is not a good fit, feel free to contact the teacher.  Jr. High level math courses are as follows:

General Math

General Math:  This is the 7th grade math class.  The curriculum is based on the AZ state 7th grade math standards found at The course includes a study of various graphic displays including stem and leaf plots and scatterplots, linear functions, solving multi-step equations, geometry and integers.

Textbook:  Holt McDougal Mathematics-Grade 7

Requirements:  Scientific Calculator


This course is for 7th and 8th grade scholars.  The curriculum is based on the AZ state math standards for both 7th and 8th grade.  These can be found at . The course includes a study of various graphic displays including box and whisker plots and scatterplots, linear functions, solving multi-step equations, geometry and integers.

Textbook:  Holt McDougal Mathematics-Grade 8

Requirements:  Scientific Calculator

Algebra I

Algebra I:  Scholars enrolled in this course will learn problem solving approaches, thinking and algebraic skills necessary for future mathematics courses and other disciplines. It includes a study of real number systems, linear equations, linear inequalities, exponential functions, quadratic equations, and statistics. Scholars must show mastery of Algebra 1 before advancing to Geometry.

Prerequisites: Pre-Algebra or Placement Test (It is rare for 7th graders to test into Algebra I)

Textbook:  Holt McDougal Algebra I

Requirements:  Graphing Calculator


Reading and WritingAll 7th grade scholars who do not pass the reading/writing Heritage Academy placement test will be enrolled in a Reading/Writing Skills Class, unless they have demonstrated proficiency in a Heritage Academy reading/writing summer school class.  All 7th and 8th graders will be enrolled in yearly English classes.7th and 8th grade English classes offer challenging curriculums focused on literature, grammar, speaking, and writing skills. The studies of classic literature from a variety of genres include critical thinking and follow up writing experiences.  The composition program emphasizes writing as a process: prewriting, rough drafts, revising, editing, and publishing of final copies.Scholars will write friendly and business letters, five-paragraph expository essays, literary analysis essays, personal narrative essays, creative narrative essays, and persuasive essays.  Writing is scored according to a rubric based on traits of good writing, and scholars will learn how to critique their own writing.  Scholars will also write responses to literature, nonfiction and poetry, and will write their own poetry.  The focus in grammar is on parts of speech, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Elective Courses

All scholars are encouraged to expand and improve their talents. We encourage scholars to take an interest in and involve themselves in music, art and sports. All 7th grade scholars need to be enrolled in a full year of choir or a band or orchestra class; all 8th grade scholars need to be enrolled in at least one semester of a Fine Arts course.  8th grade scholars are also required to take one semester of Keyboarding, a course where they learn typing and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Scholars are also encouraged to develop their physical abilities. All junior high scholars are required to take at least one semester of a P.E. class each year. Heritage Academy offers P.E. classes and competitive team sports which include after school programs.

Junior High Course Electives

7th Grade Electives 8th Grade Electives
  Beginning Band   Beginning Band
  Concert Band *minimum 1 yr. experience   Concert Band *minimum 1 yr. experience
  Beginning Orchestra   Beginning Orchestra
  Concert Orchestra *min. 1 yr. experience   Concert Orchestra *min. 1 yr. experience
  Women’s Choir   Chamber Orchestra *Audition required
  Men’s Choir   Jr. Choir
  Kenpo 1   Kenpo 1
  Fitness (PE)   Kenpo 2
  Dance I   Fitness (PE)
  Dance II *Audition required   Keyboarding *Required
  Dance III *Audition required   Dance I
  Jr. Art   Dance II *Audition required
  Jr. Drama   Dance III *Audition required
  Jr. High Basketball   Jr. Art
  Jr. High Girls Basketball   Jr. Drama
  Jr. High  Co-ed Soccer   Jr. High Basketball
  Jr. High Girls Volleyball   Jr. High Girls Basketball
  Jr. High Baseball   Jr. High  Co-ed Soccer
  Jr. High Softball   Jr. High Girls Volleyball
  Pilates   Jr. High Baseball
  Math Lab (Study Hall)   Jr. High Softball
  Swimming   Pilates
  Flag Football (co-ed)   Math Lab (Study Hall)
 Yearbook   Swimming
  Student Government   Organization & Leadership
*elected position *Special education teacher recommendation required
  Jr. High Cross Country   Weight Training
  Jr. High Track and Field   Flag Football (co-ed)
  Organization & Leadership   Yearbook
      *teacher recommendation required   Student Government  *elected position
  Jr. High Cross Country
  Jr. High Track and Field

High School Curriculum Requirements/Recommendations

Heritage Academy offers one scholastic diploma; all scholars are required to earn 26 credits and meet the requirements listed below for graduation. Additionally, scholars are encouraged to achieve excellence beyond the requirements for graduation. Those who go beyond the requirements for graduation may enroll in one or more honors classes. Scholars who plan on attending a 4-year college or university should pay particular attention to the requirements below. Those attending a junior college will also need to satisfy all the entrance requirements of the Arizona universities, either in high school or at the junior college level before advancing.

Heritage Academy Curriculum General Graduation Requirements Dual Enrollment Courses In-State University / College Competencies
ENGLISH 4 credits 1 4 credits

(composition and literature based)

MATH 4 credits  1  4 credits

1 year each of: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an advanced class where Algebra II is prerequisite

SCIENCE  4 credits

Must complete 1 credit each of 3 different sciences. (Bio, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology)

3 4 credits

1 credit each of 3 different lab sciences selected from the following: Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, Earth Science

HISTORY   3 credits  3 2 credits

Am. Hist. and 1 other

FOREIGN LANG. 2 credits  1 2 credits

2 years of same language

FINE ARTS 1 credit 1 credit
PE 1 credit

Class of 2020 and beyond 20 credits


Class of 2020 and beyond 6 credits

1 4
TOTAL REQUIRED 26 credits 20

All high school scholars are encouraged to expand and improve their talents. We encourage scholars to take an interest in and involve themselves in music, art, and sports. All scholars wishing to join the orchestra or choir will audition and be placed according to skill level. Classes are available from beginning to advanced levels.Scholars are also encouraged to develop their physical abilities. Team sports will compete in the Charter Athletic Association. (CAA)  For course descriptions please see descriptions as listed in the High School Curriculum guide below.

High School Course Electives

 Yearbook   Kenpo 1
  Beginning Band   Kenpo 2
  Beginning Orchestra   Kenpo 3
  Concert Band *min. 1 yr. experience   Pilates
  Concert Orchestra  *min. 1 yr. experience   Cross Country
  Chamber Orchestra *Audition Required   Track and Field
  Jazz  Band

*Audition Required

  Organization & Leadership

*Special education teacher recommendation required

  Gateway Singers *Audition Required   Release Time
  Concert Choir   PE
  Spanish I   Weight Training
  Spanish II   Co-ed Soccer
  American Sign Language I   Baseball
  Dance I   Football
  Dance II *Audition Required   Swimming
  Dance III *Audition Required   Girls’ Volleyball
  Ballroom Dance   Girls’ Basketball
  Ballroom Dance II   Girls’ Softball
  Drama I   Math Lab (no credit course)
  Drama II

*Audition or Teacher Permission Required

  Student Government

*Elected Position

  Stagecraft   Advanced Computers (CIS 105)
  Sr. Art   Teacher Aides
  Financial Applications *11th & 12th only   Survey of Music History (MHL 140)
  Basketball   Music & Media Production


Required Courses for Graduation
Listed below are the courses required of all scholars graduating from Heritage Academy. In addition to these required courses, scholars may take additional courses described in each department to achieve greater mastery and earn a certificate of distinction.

Subject Grade Course is Taken Credits
History – (3 Credits Required) *Class of 2020 need 4
World History 9th 1
American History (Dual Enrollment Option) 10th or 11th 1
Economics (Dual Enrollment Option) 11th or 12th .50
American Government 12th .50
English – (4 Credits Required)
 American Literature I 9th 1
 American Literature II 10th 1
British Literature/World Literature 11th and/or 12th 1
ENG 101/ENG 102 (Dual Enrollment Option) 11th and/or 12th 1
ENG 110/ENG 111 (Dual Enrollment Option)  12th 1
Mathematics – (4 Credits Required)
Algebra I 8th 9th 1
Geometry 9 th 10th 1
Algebra II (Dual Enrollment option) 10th 11th 1
Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment option) 11th 12th 1
Calculus (Dual Enrollment option) 12th 1
Science – (4 Credits Required)
Conceptual Science 9th 1
Biology (required) 10th 1
-Recommended Science Courses
Chemistry (Dual Enrollment option) 11th 1
Physics (Dual Enrollment option) 11th-12th 1
Anatomy (Dual Enrollment option) 11th-12th 1
Foreign Language – (2 Credits Required) 9th-12th 2
**Must have 2 credits in the same language**
Fine Arts – (1 Credit Required) 9th-12th 1
P.E./Health – (1 Credit Required) 9th-12th 1
General Electives – (7 Credits Required) 9th-12th 7

Recommended High School Course Sequence

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
9th Grade Composition American Literature I ENG 101/102 (Dual Enrollment) or British Lit. ENG 110/ENH 111 (Dual Enrollment) or World Lit.
Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment) Calculus (Dual Enrollment)
Conceptual Science Biology (Dual Enrollment) Chemistry Physics (Dual Enrollment)
World History  (Dual Enrollment) American History (Dual Enrollment) American History (Dual Enrollment) Government (Dual Enrollment)
1st Year Foreign Language 2nd Year Foreign Language (Dual Enrollment)