Dear Heritage Families,

In light of the State-mandated school closures through March 27th, the Gateway campus will be moving to online instruction by the afternoon of March 23rd. Our goal is to continue the quality instruction your scholars receive to the best of our abilities while we are unable to meet face-to- face.

All teachers have been required to create a Google Classroom for their scholars to access instruction and assignments. Many of our scholars already use this application, but our IT director will be sending an email to all families with usernames if needed. Google Classroom can be accessed on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Scholars are expected to meet the weekly due dates for their assignments, as the assigned work will be graded and count toward their final semester grade. Scholars may work on their own timelines, but they do need to meet the due dates issued for each assignment.

Our front office staff will be available to take phone calls to answer any questions, including those related to logging into Google classroom, during normal school hours next Monday and Tuesday, March 23rd and 24th. Please be sure to log into Classroom by the end of the day, March 24th.  We are attaching a document entitled “Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom” as a PDF and PowerPoint to this email to help you.

Appointments will need to be made to collect any materials a teacher may require, as the campus is closed. An administrator will meet you outside with these materials if necessary.  Please contact the school Monday 3/23 or Tuesday 3/24 to do so.

We are ever grateful for your continued support of Heritage Academy Gateway as we muddle through this uncharted territory.  We want to keep our scholars healthy and happy while continuing to help them grow into the Heroes we know they are!

Please expect continued communication from us as things progress.  We have many unanswered questions, but will always share everything we can with you.

Thank you,

Kathleen Lopez


2020 Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom <<<CLICK HERE