A: Yes, we plan to coordinate the calendars to add a level of convenience for families in the area. How nice to have all your children on the same school calendar with the same breaks!

A: The enrollment process will be the same. We will have open enrollment in November and go to a waitlist when classes are filled. Siblings of current scholars will receive priority for enrollment. 

A: Class sizes will be up to 25 scholars per class. 

A: Wait lists are always a possibility due to growth and demand. We will accommodate all we can. Buildings have capacity, and we can only fill to that capacity. 

A: The enrollment process will remain the same as is stated on page 7 of the Scholar Handbook.  

A: We will likely have to offset start and end times slightly for traffic considerations. That is all done in concert with the city. 

A: We will maintain the structure of the 6th-8th grade program at this point. 

A: Classrooms and eating areas for middle school and elementary scholars are separate.

A: Heritage Academy cannot determine crosswalks on city roads. We are not planning for regular, unattended crossing of Germann by scholars. 

A: Yes! And while so much is out of our hands, we have construction timelines, and we hope to adhere to them. 

A: We will not have a full-service kitchen. We will operate off a third-party vendor for lunches.

A: We are excited that a Pre-K and Preschool is coming to the area as well. It will be a stand-alone building with its own facility, playground, and processes. We will be working in tandem with the Pre-K Director to provide an effective transition to our Kindergarten program. Read about it and register HERE. 

Our before/after care program, called Hero Club, will be available beginning July 2022. Read more about it HERE