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Welcome to our athletics page! Heritage Academy employs the best coaches & faculty in the Valley. Part of being the best includes knowing what makes a good team and how to have a fun while developing character in youth through academics and athletics. We invite you to come take a tour, meet our staff, come watch a game, and see how our awesome scholars are excelling on the court/field and off the court/field.

IN THE NEWS! If you haven’t heard how awesome our athletics program is, check out our Article in the Queen Creek Independent Newspaper.

interested in coaching? Coaching Openings <<HERE

Congratulations to our 4 teams who won Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) State Championships during the 2016-2017 school year. We are very proud of the performance of the following teams:

1-Junior High Cross Country Boys Team

2-Junior High Flag Football Team #1 for their perfect 16-0 season

3-Junior High Boys Basketball Team #1 for their perfect 17-0 season

4-Junior High Boys Basketball Team #2 for their perfect 15-0 season

Some good reads recommended by our A.D. Matt Godfrey:

1. “Coaching from the Sidelines”

2. Heritage Academy strongly encourages and recommends that all of our Athletes be Multi-Sport Athletes

3. Former Pro Boxer Alexis Arguello said, “When I was in top shape I would go to the ring and show my conditioning”

Why Conditioning in Sports is Important

4. Want to be a Great Teammate this season?

Below are the forms that both scholars and parents need to review and fill out before participating in sports. Each athlete needs an Athletic Packet on-file at the beginning of the school  year. Sports physicals are good (per our league bylaws) for twelve calendar months. Our recommendation is to get a physical during the summer and then it will be good for the entire upcoming school year.

2017 – 2018 Athletic Packet

Mandatory material for all sport participants:

  • Concussion in Sports. Must be watched prior to any participation. Please watch videos and answer all questions (aprox 30 minutes). Then either download the certificate to your computer and email to, or print the certificate and give to your coach

As a reminder, Heritage Academy has an academic eligibility requirement in order to compete. Here is the wording from our handbook: “Academic Eligibility to Compete”: Scholar Athlete grades are checked on Mondays before 4th hour (or the first day of the school week) during the sports season. Players must be passing with 70% or above in each of their individual classes to participate in the game/meet, or to practice after school, for that week. Eligibility, therefore, is determined on a week-to-week basis.”

Sportsmanship Presentation for Athletes > CLICK HERE

Sportsmanship Presentation for Parents & Fans >  CLICK HERE

Heritage Academy is excited about our baseball program, which is in a building phase this next year or two.

Currently, we offer a junior high baseball team which is becoming more competitive, and we offer opportunities for players who might need some skill development.  The main requirement is a strong commitment to building excellence and team loyalty.

If there is enough interest in a high school team, we will take a look at that option.

Heritage has a number of boys and girls basketball teams for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association (CAA). Come join the program!

Congratulations to 4 of our basketball teams this year for qualifying and participating in the playoffs.

We are pleased to announce that for the 2017-2018 school year, we will have a High School Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team.

Click on “Calendar” above and sort on a team to view upcoming games.

Jr High BBall Team #3 warming up before a home game during the 16-17 season

We have a competitive cross country program which is quickly making a name for itself in the CAA. Come be a part of a championship experience.

High School Cross Country Summer Practice: Thurs, July 13, 2017 6:30am at Discovery Park in Gilbert Discovery Park

Congratulations to the Junior High Boys 2016 Cross Country Team for winning the CAA State Championship!

Boys XC Team are State Champs!

This 8th grade Scholar Athlete took 2nd overall at State.

Meet the Coaches:

High School Head Coach: David Leavitt

Junior High Head Coach: Christie Higgins

Coaching Philosophy: I strongly believe that hard work and dedication can triumph over natural

physical ability. Any athlete who commits to a goal and pursues it wholeheartedly can achieve

tremendous personal success. Similarly, teammates who commit to each other and hold themselves

accountable produce team victories. I am a firm believer in a positive learning environment, where

teammates encourage and support one another to achieve both athletic and academic success.

Coaching Experience: I worked as an assistant cross country coach at a previous school that won state

championships for both the boys and girls teams. In the first season at Heritage Academy, the boys’

team won the state championship.

Running Career: I have run distance races for over 15 years. I participated in 3 marathons, 22 half

marathons, 3 Ragnar Relays, and many adventure/obstacle races.

Congrats to our 2016 Junior High Flag Football Team #1 Canyon Athletics Association (CAA) State Champions in Division I and their perfect 16-0 season!
Flag Football Camp-Summer of 2017
FLAG FOOTBALL (7 & 8 Grades)
Dates: July 24 – 26 2017 (Campers leave early on Monday morning and return late Wednesday afternoon)
Fee: $175.00 (payment can be made at the Front Office or here: Please make checks out to “Heritage Academy”
Location: Miami High School
Transportation: A school van will be available to transport the campers to and from camp. The pick-up and drop-off location will be here at our campus. More detailed information will be sent out to the camp participants once the camp gets closer.
FORMS NEEDED (all forms can be found on website):
A completed Athletic Packet for the 2017-2018 school year
Signed Football Camp permission forms (please check back for a copy of the Football Camp flyer and permission forms)
➢ Sleeping bag
➢ Pillow
➢ ground pad/sleeping pad
➢ Towel for the showers We have access to private showers.(NOTHING FANCY more like scout camp). We expect ALL to do their part to stay fresh and clean. This will make the whole experience more enjoyable for all.
➢ Personal hygiene items (DEODORANT IS A MUST BRING)
➢ Body powder – (shower to shower, baby powder, talc powder, monkey butt powder)
THIS IS A MUST – If you don’t know what this is for ask your Mom or Dad
➢ T-shirts, Gym shorts (4 changes of gym clothes)
➢ Socks (At least 4 pair. Dry feet are happy feet)
➢ Running Shoes
➢ Cleats
➢ THE DON’T BRINGS: Junk food, cell phone, Ipods etc. If someone needs to call home they are more then welcome to use a coach’s phone.
Flag Football “Placement Showcase” will begin the first day of class on Tuesday, August 1st. This is for all 7th and 8th graders who are participating in Flag Football for the Fall 2017 Season. Please have your 7th or 8th grader make sure that they bring a water bottle, their Heritage-approved PE Attire (red shirt and blue shorts) a mouth guard (clear mouth guards are now acceptable) and are already well-conditioned for this showcase (now is the time to start conditioning instead of waiting until July). We recommend football cleats, but tennis shoes will work too if they don’t have cleats. The flag football coaches will be assessing the athletes at least for the first 2 or 3 class periods to place (according to skill level) each athlete onto one of the 3 teams.

Flag Football Championship Team 2016

The Championship Team in Action

High School Football Players (10-12th grade) who are planning on joining the Mesa team this Fall, practices are Mon-Thurs 6:30-8:00am at the Mesa Campus Heritage Mesa Campus. Contact Coach Roberts at with any further questions.

Congrats to the following Heritage Kenpo students for earning their Black Belt: Daniel Gallacher, Kevin Rowse, Lisa Fischer, and Vince Santos!  Well done!

Since 1995, Kenpo classes have been taught by Jon Duke.  Mr. Duke was the first certified Advanced American Kenpo Concepts instructor in the State of Arizona.

Mr. Duke’s martial art certifications include:

  1. 1995 – International Martial Arts Instructor License issued by the Matsusokan Karate Association
  2. 2002 – Teaching Credential Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  3. 2002 – 4th Degree Black Belt – Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  4. 2003 – 5th Degree Black Belt – Hakutsuru Master Level issued by Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federation

Heritage has an outstanding co-ed soccer program for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Come out and play!

A Heritage of Success!

  • 2016 – Junior High Soccer Team #1, State Runner-up,  Charter Athletic Association (CAA)
  • 2017 – Junior High Soccer Team #1, 2nd Round of the Playoffs

Varsity Head Coach for High School Coed Varsity Team:

Head Coach, Jon Thomas

Congratulations to the Varsity Girls Softball team for an outstanding 2010 year!

  • 2014 Champions of the CAA Eastern Conference, Class A
  • 2010 Champions of the CAA Eastern Conference, Class A
  • 2010 State Runner-up, CAA

Come join a fun class while getting great exercise! This is a growing program and is a lot of fun.

We do our swim practices at EVO Swim School-South Gilbert

We have 3 options for our scholar swimmers:

1-Swim Class Only-This option is for those who are wanting to get some practice and instruction in before they decide to compete with the swim team.

2-Swim Team Only-This option is for those who are actively on a local competitive swim team during the Fall swim season and don’t have room on their class schedule to fit the swim class into their schedule. Current or prior experience on a swim team is strongly recommended but not required.

3-Swim Class and Swim Team-This is the preferred and recommended option. This will give the swimmer an opportunity to work out with the other swim team members and is the best value for your money.

A few of the State Swim Meet athletes from Gateway campus

One of our great swimmers in the middle of swimming the Butterfly

Meet the Coach

Junior High Head Coach: Matt Godfrey

Coach Godfrey has grown up participating on Swim Teams and still swims for exercise and as part of his training/participations in Triathlons. He has worked as a Swim Instructor and a Swim Team Coach. He is passionate about the sport of Swimming and enjoys helping others to be the best swimmer that they can be.

Heritage Academy Gateway has 1 State Champion in Track and Field and our athletes are getting faster and better every year.

We offer Track and Field for both Males and Females at the Junior High and High School levels.

Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association for junior high, junior varsity and varsity girls volleyball.  Can you jump, set or spike?  Come out and play!

Summer Girls High School Volleyball Camp 2017
1-This camp will be run by Coach Beth Cowles who has many years of experience with coaching volleyball and took her team to the playoffs last year where they knocked-out the 2nd seeded team in the tournament.
2-This camp is NOT tryouts. This is an opportunity to hone their volleyball skills before tryouts and the season. Tryouts are scheduled to be held the first week of school on July 31 and August 2nd (assuming that we have enough coaches before then to have enough teams for everyone). We are still short on coaches so if you know of anyone 21 years old or older, please let me know.
3-Camp dates and times again are:
Thurs, July 13
Tues, July 18
Thurs, July 20
Tues, July 25
Thurs, July 27
1-3pm at The Barney Family Sports Complex  Barney Family Sports Complex
4-Payment for the camp (since we are renting out an indoor facility with AC): $75 per camper for all 5 days. Please make your check out to: “Heritage Academy.” No cash or credit cards. You will bring your check with you the first day of camp to The Barn. We will collect payment there.
5-Since the school is closed until next Monday, you will need to “reply all” to this email so that both Coach Cowles will know who is planning on attending the camp. The deadline to reply to this email to let us know of your daughter’s participation in this camp is this Wednesday (July 12th) at midnight. Please give us your daughter’s name and what grade she will be in for this upcoming year. We also have a minimum number of campers to make this camp happen. We will be in contact on Thursday morning with those who have signed-up to confirm that the camp will be a go or not.
6-This is a high school only camp for grades 9-12.

Girls Volleyball “Placement Showcase” will begin the first day of class during the first week of school. This is for all volleyball players who are participating in Girls Volleyball for the Fall 2017 Season. Please have your athlete make sure that they bring a water bottle, their Heritage-approved PE Attire (red shirt and blue shorts) and are already well-conditioned for this showcase (now is the time to start conditioning instead of waiting until July). We recommend knee pads, but they are not required. The volleyball coaches will be assessing the athletes at least for the first 2 or 3 class periods to place (according to skill level) each athlete onto one of the volleyball teams.

This class offers students an opportunity to improve their strength and basic athletic conditioning. We strongly recommend all of our High School athletes to do a minimum of 1 semester of weights each school year on B Days.

Students and teacher will work together to fit the individual’s needs. Classes are held at Desert Fitness Gym