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Welcome to our athletics page! Heritage Academy employs the best coaches & faculty in the Valley. Part of being the best includes knowing what makes a good team and how to have a fun while developing character in youth through academics and athletics. Heritage Academy has a unique environment where ANY scholar who wants to participate and compete in a sport can. We don’t cut anyone and there is a team for your athlete whether they are an all-star or a rookie here at our school! We invite you to come take a tour, meet our staff, come watch a game, and see how our awesome scholars are excelling on and off the court/field.

Spring Sports Parents/Athlete Meeting: Tuesday, February 20 5:30-6:30pm here at campus.

IN THE NEWS! If you haven’t heard how awesome our athletics program is, check out our Article in the Queen Creek Independent Newspaper.

Want to advertise on our campus? We are accepting businesses to get a banner hung on our fences. Please reach out directly to Coach Godfrey at: if interested.

Interested in Coaching a sport at our campus? Now accepting resumes for all Coaching positions for the 2018-2019 school year. Please send resumes to Coach Godfrey at:

Some good reads recommended by our A.D. Matt Godfrey:

1. “Coaching from the Sidelines”

2. College Coaches are looking for Multi-Sport Athletes

3. Why Conditioning in Sports is Vital

4. Be a Great Teammate this Season

5. Student Athletes are Multi-Sport Athletes

Calling All athletes, Mark your Calendars: New for 2018! Summer Conditioning Camp. July 9-19 (Monday-Thursday) 5:30-7:30am at Discovery Park-Gilbert. Payment will be due before the first meeting.

There are 4 required items to become eligible to compete as an Athlete at our campus for any and every athletic contest:

1-Heritage Academy has an academic eligibility requirement in order to compete. Here is the wording from our handbook: “Academic Eligibility to Compete: Scholar Athlete grades are checked on Mondays before 4th hour (or the first day of the school week) during the sports season. Players must be passing with 70% or above in each of their individual classes to participate in the athletic contest, or to practice after school, for that week. Eligibility, therefore, is determined on a week-to-week basis and is checked on Mondays but is valid for Tuesday through the following Monday.”

2-2017 – 2018 Athletic Packet  This packet includes a current sports physical by a medical professional. Sports physicals are good (per our league bylaws) for twelve calendar months. The sports physical cannot expire during the season they are participating in. Our recommendation is to get a physical during the summer and then it will be good for the entire upcoming school year.

3-Concussion in Sports. Must be watched prior to any participation per our league bylaws. Please watch videos and answer all questions (aprox 30 minutes). Then either download the certificate to your computer and email to, or print the certificate and give to the athletic director or your coach.

4-Sports Participation Fee Paid

Traveling to ASU Poly Prep to watch your scholar athlete compete? Click this link: ASU Parking for some important and helpful information.

Sportsmanship Matters (click below to learn more):

Sportsmanship for Athletes

Sportsmanship for Parents and Fans

Heritage Academy is excited about our baseball program, which has been growing over the past 2 years. We are looking at adding a high school boys baseball team for this upcoming Spring sport’s season. If your high school athlete is interested in playing baseball this year please let Coach Godfrey know so their name can be added to the “interest list” via email @

Currently, we offer a junior high baseball team which is becoming more competitive, and we offer opportunities for players who might need some skill development.  The main requirement is a strong commitment to building excellence and team loyalty.

Heritage has a number of boys and girls basketball teams for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association (CAA). Come join the program!

Click on your Athlete’s team below to access their webpage on the CAA league website with schedules and roster:

HS Boys Varsity BBall

HS Boys JV Team #1 BBall

HS Boys JV Team #2 BBall

HS Girls JV BBall

JH Boys Team #1 BBall

JH Boys Team #2 BBall

JH Boys Team #3 BBall

JH Boys Team #4 BBall

17-18Basketball Announcements: 

Reminder for ALL junior high girls who are interested in playing basketball during the Spring sports season, please make sure that you have “jr high girls basketball” on your 2nd semester schedule during 4B.

If your athlete needs to complete the required paperwork still for this season, please visit our Athletics Homepage for the details.

Jr High BBall Team #3 warming up before a home game during the 16-17 season

Meet the Basketball Coaches:

Girls High School JV-Coach Beth Cowles

Athletics have always played a huge role in her life, from being a player, spectator, coach, referee/ official and even as an occupation.  She began her coaching career as a teenager, coaching softball and basketball.  She has experience in coaching at the High School Varsity and Junior Varsity levels as well as at the Junior High School.  Cowles coaches: volleyball, basketball, softball, swimming, track and field, soccer and even football.  Her coaching career has spanned several decades and what really motivates her, is seeing improvement in players as well as their developing a passion for the sport.  Her philosophy has always been dedication and hard work creates success not only on an athletic field but also in life.

A few great accomplishments include, Boys Jr. High Basketball State Champions “B” Division – Canyon Athletic Association.  Heritage Academy.   A Championship teams in Florence Unified District:  Jr. High Girls Basketball, Softball and Soccer.  Girls Jr High Basketball Division Champions and State runners –up EDUPRIZE school.

JH Boys Basketball Team #1-Coach Cyndie Ribelin

Bachelor of Science in Education Northern Arizona University

Physical Education degree K-12 AZ certification
Played basketball at NAU, softball, volleyball, United States Tennis Association team member.
25 years coaching experience (boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball, softball, girls volleyball, track and field) including Varsity coaching in the Arizona Interscholastic Association, Canyon Athletic Association.
Physical Education teacher/coach Northland Preparatory Academy. Flagstaff, AZ
Physical Education teacher/coach Heritage Academy Gateway. Queen Creek, AZ
CAA State Basketball Champions, “Coach of the Year”

JH Boys Basketball Team #3-Coach Matt Godfrey

Coach Godfrey is currently in his 3rd year of coaching junior high basketball here at the Heritage Academy-Gateway campus. He enjoyed playing basketball in his youth for 10 years and is excited to share his knowledge with the scholar athletes.

We have a competitive cross country program which is quickly making a name for itself in the CAA. Come be a part of a championship experience!

Congratulations to the Junior High Boys 2017 Cross Country Team for winning the CAA State Championship back-to-back years and to our High School Cross Country Boys for taking 2nd at State and the High School Girls for taking 4th! Great season for all of of our runners.

Boys XC Team are State Champs!

Visit this page to access a copy of this season’s Meet Schedule and Meet Results: CAA Cross Country Webpage

High School XC Athlete of the Week: Jewelana Anderson-Not only did she finish 2nd in our first race of the season just a few seconds behind the leader.  She was an amazing cheerleader for both the High School boys and Junior high teams.  Following then around their courses encouraging them.  She also cheered for and encouraged athletesfrom other schools.

Jr High XC Athlete of the Week: Isabella Kish – She’s the first ever jr. high girl to medal in cross country.

Meet the Coaches:

High School Head Coach: David Leavitt

Junior High Head Coach: Christie Higgins

Coaching Philosophy: I strongly believe that hard work and dedication can triumph over natural

physical ability. Any athlete who commits to a goal and pursues it wholeheartedly can achieve

tremendous personal success. Similarly, teammates who commit to each other and hold themselves

accountable produce team victories. I am a firm believer in a positive learning environment, where

teammates encourage and support one another to achieve both athletic and academic success.

Coaching Experience: I worked as an assistant cross country coach at a previous school that won state

championships for both the boys and girls teams. In the first season at Heritage Academy, the boys’

team won the state championship.

Running Career: I have run distance races for over 15 years. I participated in 3 marathons, 22 half

marathons, 3 Ragnar Relays, and many adventure/obstacle races.

A history and tradition of success:
2014-State Runner-Up
2015-Playoff Participants
2016-State Champions! Perfect 16-0 season
2017-Quarterfinals in the playoffs

Flag Football State Championship Team 2016

Click on your Flag Football team below to access Team Roster, Game Schedule, Team Stats, Standings, etc:

Flag Football Team #1

Flag Football Team #2

Flag Football Team #3

Congratulations to Lincoln Washburn and Harrison Pond for their great football season with the Mesa campus. Their team made it all the way to the State Semi-finals.

Looking ahead now to the Fall 2018 Football season, anyone will be in high school in the 18-19 school year and interested in playing either tackle or flag football please email Coach Godfrey directly to be added to the “interest list”: at

Congrats to the following Heritage Kenpo students for earning their Black Belt: Daniel Gallacher, Kevin Rowse, Lisa Fischer, and Vince Santos!  Well done!

Since 1995, Kenpo classes have been taught by Jon Duke.  Mr. Duke was the first certified Advanced American Kenpo Concepts instructor in the State of Arizona.

Mr. Duke’s martial art certifications include:

  1. 1995 – International Martial Arts Instructor License issued by the Matsusokan Karate Association
  2. 2002 – Teaching Credential Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  3. 2002 – 4th Degree Black Belt – Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  4. 2003 – 5th Degree Black Belt – Hakutsuru Master Level issued by Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federation

Heritage has an outstanding co-ed soccer program for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Come out and play!

A Heritage of Success!

  • 2016 – Junior High Soccer Team #1, State Runner-up,  Charter Athletic Association (CAA)
  • 2017 – Junior High Soccer Team #1, 2nd Round of the Playoffs

Varsity Head Coach for High School Coed Varsity Team:

Head Coach, Jon Thomas

High School & Jr High Girls interested in playing softball during this 2017-2018 school year, please contact Coach Godfrey @ to be added to the interest list.

Come join a fun class while getting great exercise! This is one of our fastest growing programs and is a lot of fun. According to Health Fitness Revolution, Swimming is in the top 10 of healthiest sports, “Swimming is an absolutely awesome sport for your heart. It also is a low-stress activity. It keeps you at a healthy body weight, improves lung capacity, and builds muscles, all in addition to burning calories.”

Get a copy of this season’s Swim Meet Schedule, Meet Sheets and Meet Results here: CAA Swimming Webpage

Building a tradition of excellence in the pool:

2016 Junior High Boys-State Runner-Up

2017 High School Boys-State Runner-Up

2017 High School Girls-State Runner-Up

Calling All Swimmers! If you are interested in being a member of the competitive 2018 Fall Swim Team, please make every effort to get Swim Class on your schedule for the 2nd Semester of this 2017-2018 school year. Please reach out directly to Ms. Lopez in-person or by email at: to request a schedule change if needed for 2nd semester.

New for 2018! Mark your calendars. Summer Swim Camp. July 16-19, 2018. 10-Noon each day at  EVO Swim School-South Gilbert. Payment for camp will  be due before the first day.

See you in the pool!

We do our swim practices at EVO Swim School-South Gilbert

We have 3 options for our scholar swimmers:

1-Swim Class Only-This option is for those who are wanting to get some practice and instruction in before they decide to compete with the swim team.

2-Swim Team Only-This option is for those who are actively on a local competitive swim team during the Fall swim season and don’t have room on their class schedule to fit the swim class into their schedule. Current or prior experience on a swim team is strongly recommended but not required.

3-Swim Class and Swim Team-This is the preferred and recommended option. This will give the swimmer an opportunity to work out with the other swim team members and is the best value for your money.

4 High School Swimmers at the 1st Swim Meet of the Season. From left to right: Zak Cowsert, Korbin Hall, Jace Michaelson, Logan Thomas.

A few of the State Swim Meet athletes from Gateway campus

Meet the Coach

Gateway Head Coach: Matt Godfrey

Coach Godfrey has grown up participating on Swim Teams and still swims for exercise and as part of his training and participation in Triathlons. He has worked as a Swim Instructor and a Swim Team Coach. He is passionate about the sport of Swimming and enjoys helping others to be the best swimmer that they can be.

Heritage Academy Gateway has 1 State Champion in Track and Field and our athletes are getting faster and better every year.

We are looking forward to our best season ever in 2018!

Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association for junior high, junior varsity and varsity girls volleyball.  Can you jump, set or spike?  Come out and play!

Click on your team below to access Team Roster, Game Schedule, Team Stats, Standings, Etc: 
 Coming summer of 2018, Summer Volleyball Camp. Stay tuned for details.

This class offers students an opportunity to improve their strength and basic athletic conditioning. We strongly recommend all of our High School athletes to do a minimum of 1 semester of weights each school year on B Days.

Students and teacher will work together to fit the individual’s needs and meet their goals. Classes are held at Desert Fitness Gym